I am a human geneticist and bioinformatician. My research interests focus on epigenetics, genetics and multi-omic approaches to identify novel variants, genes and pathways implicated on aging-associated diseases, with special attention to Stroke and Alzheimer’s disease, with the ultimate goal of improve personalized medicine. Recently, I have increased my activity in the field of epigenetics of aging, which is my main interest. To achieve my objectives, I regularly combine tools: large and well characterized human cohorts, next generation sequencing (e.g. GWAS, EWAS, exome sequencing, single-cell RNAseq), bioinformatics, biostatistics and omic-data integration. I am fascinated by how epigenetic mechanism might modulate gene expression as a consequence of micro/environmental exposures, working as environmental mediator; I am also interested on how epigenetics may be one of the mechanisms involved in keeping the “metabolic memory of the body.